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the Three Pillar Model


Climate change and the responsibility to address it is one of the most important challenges of our time – also for the construction sector. Our awareness of that responsibility as a company is reflected in our focus on sustainable solutions.

In line with academic and scientific standards, we see sustainability in terms of the "three pillar model", with environmental, economic and sociocultural dimensions.

Sustainabillity in the construction sector

DGNB certification

The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen e.V.) has made it its mission to promote sustainability across the construction and real estate sectors and reinforce awareness of the need for sustainable building among the general public. It seeks to show how the built environment can be sustainably planned, designed, constructed and used. To that end, the DGNB makes its expertise available for investors, developers, architects, planners and contractors. It also seeks to highlight the benefits for society that result from the development of a sustainable, liveable built environment. Also: an international certification system with specifications defined in writing makes sustainability a measurable and assessable concept. The result is transparency and comparability.

To put this mission into practice, the DGNB applies the three pillar model of sustainability to the construction industry and adds three more criteria: technical quality, process quality and site quality.

Technical quality benchmarks building requirements such as sound insulation, immissions control or energy demand.

Process quality refers to design and construction.

Site quality addresses factors such as the image/condition of a site and its local environment, transport access and access to amenities.


BREMER: Gold base certificate for logistics buildings

DGNB multiple certification

DGNB multiple certification was introduced to cater for structurally identical buildings that are constructed on different sites. Evaluation is performed on the basis of a set of construction and performance specifications that are common to all sites. Our logistics buildings have already been awarded a gold base certificate on this basis for DGNB multiple certification (NLO15).

That certification is based on six reference projects that permit a project-specific individual DGNB certificate in gold to be awarded for new buildings in the logistics centre category, provided that they conform to the reference project standards. This means that the buildings may differ in appearance and in the number of storeys but the basic framework of their internal structures and features is always similar.

The advantages, especially for developers and investors:

  • Construction of sustainable buildings for proactive environmental protection
  • Faster and cheaper access to credit due to prospect of certification
  • Clear design and construction specifications for quality assurance
  • Sound basis for value retention
  • Transparent quality for enhanced sale and lease opportunities
  • Simpler verification procedures for all subsequently planned and constructed buildings
  • Significantly reduced documentation requirements and swifter processing
  • Faster certification
  • Less pressure on project budget due to lower certification expenses

(en) Brownfield Award 2021


presentation of the Brownfield24 Award 2021

Old brownfields given a new lease of life

Brownfield24, Germany's network for contaminated sites, brownfield sites and rehabilitation projects, called on the industry to submit lighthouse projects for the 2021 Award. Prizes were awarded for outstanding projects in a total of five categories.

Our project 'Technology Park in Hanau' won us the special prize together with GARBE Industrial Real Estate GmbH. This award honours services that are considered to be particularly sustainable.

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